The start of 2022 see’s a change in the team of Keenedge Limited, with a host of new machinists, packers and warehouse staff along with a change of managing, there is a new outlook to the future.  Exciting prospects ahead.

2021 saw a BIG change at Keenedge, with the retirement of a director in June 2020, a whole new management structure and new management systems were put in place.  The broadband was increased using B4RN, and so our systems were split between 2 internet suppliers, a whole new WIFI system with modern interactive devices through out the factory, warehouse and offices were installed, a modern smart fingerprint clocking in machine, a smart CCTV system, plus new fire alarm system too.  New lockers and kitchen facilities were introduced, with hot food being made available to all staff, so no one need go hungry or have a missed meal.  A larger hot water tank was installed in their canteen to help with this too.  A new pay structure was introduced in October, instead of just a timed served basis, a point system was created.  So for good attendance, time keeping, attention to detail, learning new things, consistency, etc, points are awarded, so more points the better the grade.  A much fairer system.


As part of our ongoing project of investment for the future, in June 2019, Keenedge Ltd were proud to announce that they have worked closely with Hexan a local specialist in suspended ceilings to bring our main workshop right up to date with a fantastic modern clean ceiling. This was the first phase of our plan for improvements to cement our reputation for quality into the next decade.




In January 2020, Keenedge extended/moved it’s warehouse to an adjoining building, with interior access, through which more than doubled our storage capacity, and accessibility.  This means, we can offer some storage and call off facilities for our customers.

October 2022, we are starting a new hours working week.  So the Office and Factory hours are currently 8am to 4.30pm Monday to Thursday and 8am to 3pm on Friday, so the last deliveries accepted are 1/2 an hour before the closing time.  The new hours are listed on all our email footers.

November 2022, we took on further warehouse space, next to our current unit, and so we can offer further storage of materials, therefore, customers can send in big order shipments, and we can store it, until it is required.  This does come with a cost, but it adds to the value of our services.






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